I'm an aspiring
Equity & Forex Trader,

follow along with my journey, trade-by-trade, week-by-week...

Follow along

My journey began when I quit my full-time job in favour of contractual web development work.

Rather than relying on a sole income through transitional periods, I was inspired by the likes of Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffet to seek additional revenue streams. What followed was an infatuation with wealth development & creation, countless books and hundreds of hours of research.

Naively achieving £1600 in profits on the day of Brexit, I knew this was nothing more than speculative and situational gambling to the current climate conditions. After discovering the potential the markets can provide, I developed a burning desire to further my knowledge to practise trading in a professional way.

I focus my equity trading on low float, micro-to-small cap companies and swing trade the currency markets following the Ichimoku Cloud and Trend Pattern Analysis over the larger time frames.