Site Redesign - Starting Fresh!

I felt like it was time for a change and to start the blog over!

The previous site was rushed and didn't really reflect everything I wanted it to. It was focused around trading, however trading isn't just what I do - although I do want to concentrate on 'documenting' that more.

I want to pursue and broaden my 'Personal Brand' more and I needed a personal website that reflected this.

Therefore, the article subjects aren't just going to be focused on trading - I'm going to aim to discuss anything and everything money related.

My mindset has matured over the last year, even the last few months.

When I began this journey into trading, I envisioned myself as a full-time trader.

I pursued Penny Stocks, but I suffered from cognitive dissonance...

Digging deeper I realised that style of trading really wasn't for me.

I turned back to Forex/Currency trading from a more technical and position stand point - rather than quick scalps.

This suits the lifestyle I desire and provides opportunities away from the screens to focus on other ventures.

With this shift in mindset, it's helped me be more disciplined with my trading. Rather than having the rookie outlook that I must trade to attain money - I analyse better opportunities that will actually grow my account knowing this isn't the only source of income.

I'm able to soak up losses much easier with this thinking - treating my trading account as almost a saving's account where my actions are in control of the growth.